When asked what inspires me most, I would have to say music.

When I'm inspired by a song in my head, I can create for days without too much effort or getting tired. I'll work non-stop until I'm satisfied with the work.

I'm inspired from all kinds of music from hip-hop to country. When it comes to love songs, my favorite song is the Duprees' version of
"You belong to me".

When I'm working on this series I'm jammin oldies like "Stand by Me", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", and "Then You Can Tell me Goodbye".

A friend of mine was looking at the preliminary sketches for this series and told me what appeals to her most about this group is that it communicates love.

When I look at a poster that shows a couple in what appears to be their final embrace or having that last dance, and I can hear Van Morrison singing "Crazy Love"...
I know I did my job.