The theme that started it all.The theme that started it all.

At the end of the day. At the end of all the arguments over who's right or wrong. After all the political debating that causes family divisions and ruins Thanksgiving Dinners. The lives of those who serve to secure our freedoms is sometimes forgotten.

If someone is willing to die to take freedom away, you have to be willing to die to keep it. It is a cruel arrangement that unfortunately allows the aggressor to set the price for freedom.

Freedom cost lives, and the military is the account where the vast majority of payments are made. These posters are like your bank statements. They are provided for you to accurately know the date, name, and face of every check written on your behalf.

Freedom is not free. I am an American Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coast Guardsman. "Freedom's on me".

*12 posters per branch of this series, with coffee, beer, or flowers.

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