One day on post, I was going over this series with a fellow soldier (Specialist "T") and she told me that if someone in our company fell, she would like it if the poster had some reference to the company in the slogan.

So I incorporated the unit number as suggested and it made it much more personal. Especially to anyone who has served in the unit.

We don't have to much time to get to know each other outside of our military roles, but we are bonded as a family while we are together.

As a civilian it may be an insignificant detail to have a unit number on a poster. But to a service member it speaks volumes of history, memories, tradition, relationship, encouragement and much more.

If your hero died believing and doing what they loved, they don't necessarily have to stop. We can put them out in the front lines once again. But this time, that front line would be in our hearts where they'll be safe from all enemy fire.