After reading the bio of a fallen soldier, who's child took a memorial t-shirt of his' father to "show and tell" at school, I was inspired to create a series of posters for Gold Star Children.

This is so they could have more than a t-shirt for show and tell as well as a poster to encourage them as they go through life.

This series will have messages that are geared towards GS Children such as;

"Never give up! Love Dad/Mom"

I can also incorporate a child in the poster however, this type of poster is limited to a service member who has fathered/mothered one child only. This is because there are so many request and the priority for this body of work is the fallen service member.

One of these posters was completed for
SrA Bradley R. Smith, U.S. Air Force and his 2 year old daughter Chloe who was only 2 months old when passed away.