Having a poster made for your hero is 100% FREE and you receive 12 free copies.
There is no cost to commissioning a poster and families get a total of 12 free copies.
If the number of immediate family members exceeds 12 than we will accommodate.
Our approximate cost to create a poster is between $3,500.00 - $4,200.00 which includes the total hours to create
the edition as well as meeting the printing minimums. Freedom's On Me recovers the cost by selling the editions, at
the low price of $25.00 plus s&h. This system allows us to do what we love to do without having
to solicit donations.

All commissions must adhere to all State and Federal laws in regards to the rights of the closest of kin
as well as the fallen service member. All agreements between Freedom's On Me, and the families
must be documented with the necessary release forms in order for any work to begin.
Below are several themes for you to choose from to help us create the art sooner rather than later.
Posters are also subject to the available photos of your hero. For example; if you want your hero rough and tough
but only have smiley pictures, we may have to make adjustments.
The themes below are guidelines and not the rule so make sure to provide us with information that
best describes the essence of your hero. We have done posters with motorcycles, paratroopers,
flowers, coffee, etc. and we are always open to new ideas. So let us know what you think.



Freedom's On Me Morale Building Pearl Harbor Talking Smack
Boy's of Summer Romance Father of Mine




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