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"I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death.

They died unquestioning, uncomplaining, with faith in their hearts and on their lips the hope that we would go on to victory.

Always for them; duty, honor, country."


General Douglas MacArthur










Why does Freedom's On Me create these posters?



1 Ensure the memory of America's service members who have died in support of Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom is not forgotten.
2 Provide posters that the American public can readily purchase and hang on their walls to remember our fallen.
3 Cultivate a culture of awareness and gratitude between the American people, our military, and Gold Star Families.
4 Fill the great void of "Patriotic American Artwork" between World War II and the present.

Create an enviroment where we can elevate and inspire the spirit of patriotism throughout the United States of America.

6 Produce multiple collections that can be shown in all communities across our nation during the month of May.
7 Educate the future generations about the lives of those who have made the "Ultimate Sacrifice" for our nation.




Below you will find some of the names and faces of fallen service members signed up with

Freedom's On Me however, not all of the names and faces are posted due to

confirmations and special circumstances.

Please be assured that every request has not been over-looked.

This page will update weekly with more listings and links to our progress.



Anderson LCpl Nicholas R.   Anzack Cpl Joseph Jr.   Ayube Sgt. James A. II   Ballard, 1st Lt. Kenneth M   Basham SSG Robert J.   Bekowsky, Cpl Mick R.   Bertolino, SSGT Stephan A.
Brooks SSG Paul Faris   Byrd Cpl. John T. II   Beale SFC John   Castleberry, LCpl Roger D.   Collins SFC Gary L.   Coon, Pfc. James J.   Cordo PFC Douglas
Crumpler Lcpl Adam J.   Davis Cpl Michael   Daugherty, PO1C Steven P.   Dozier, SSG Jonathan K.   Drexler PFC Jeremy   Fletcher SPC Jacob S.   Fry GySgt John D.
Funcheon, SGT Alexander J.   Gasper SSG Frank J.   Hake SSG Christopher M.   Halverson, Pfc. Andrew   Harrington Sgt. Kyle   Harris Cpl Larry   Hendrix, SSG Jason R.
Hess, Spc. David   Holley, SPC Matthew J.   Hornburg, Cpl Nathan   lau PFC Karina   Hubbell SSG Darren P.   Hullender SSG Michael   Ingram SGT Matthew L.
Ingram SGT Michael   Jacobson, A1C Elizabeth N.   Jackson Sgt. Issac B.   Jex Spc Albert R.   Kelley, CWO Matthew G.   Kirkpatrick Pfc. David A.   Koch, CPL Steven R.
LaFleur Cpl Jason K.   Larsen, PFC Cole W.   Lemke Pfc. Jason F.   Lewis, Sgt. Joel W.   Lukac, PFC John   Lybert SSG Patrick L.   Madden SPC. Russell E.
Martin 1LT Thomas M.   Martone Sgt Justin   McCaffrey, Sgt Patrick R.   McCall Sgt Daniel   McConnell, Sgt Andrew   Meinert LCpl Jacob   Mendez 1SG Bobby
Miles, Sgt Sean H.   Mintzlaff, SSG Brian   Monroe PFC Anthony W.   Montgomery, Spc Ryan J.   Morin, Sgt Steve   Moore Pfc Keith Jesse T.   Murchison Spc. Matthew M.
Nettleton, Sgt Eric   Patino, Cpl Claudio   Patten LCpl Andrew G.   Patterson, Sgt Nicholas J.   Perez, PFC Luis A.   Petty, PFC Jerrick M.   Pollard, SPC Justin W.
Pirtle SGT James
  Porto Cpl Jonathan D.   Prening Cpl Brian P.   Ramey, LCpl Branden P.   Rao Sgt Elijah John-Miles   Reid Spc. Dylan T.   Roberts SSG Kevin Casey
Rodriguez SPC Michael J.   Roos Cpl Timothy D.   Samson, SPC Dennis K.   Scusa SGT Michael P.   Shepherd SGT Kevin L. Jr.   Simonetta Derek T.   Simpson, LCpl. Abraham
Smith SrA Bradley R.   Steele 1st LT Timothy J.   Stewart MCPL Allan (CAN)   Toner LTJG Francis L. IV   Sutton SFC Greg L.   Tamez Spc Eddie D.   Tarlavsky, Capt. Michael Y.
Thompson PFC Kevin C.   Todd Sfc David James Jr   Todd Pte Tyler William (CAN)   Watts, Cpl Justin J.   Toth, SGT Eric L.   Van Aalten, Sgt Alexander   Vroman, Pfc Brent T.
Vrooman, SSG Jeremy D.   Walls Sgt Jonathan M.   Walters, CPL Gary W.   Yoakum, CW4 Keith   West, SSG Laurent J.   Win'E, SPC Trevor A.   Windorski, CW3 Philip Jr.
    Woods SSG Gary L. Jr.   Woods SFC William B. Jr.   World, Sgt Frank   Youngblood HM3 Travis L.   McGahan 2LT Michael    








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